If there are ash trees on your property you should discuss treatment options with a Trillium Tree Experts representative. A proactive treatment plan can save you money. The alternative or reactionary approach can result in more expensive solutions such as costly removal and replacement of valued trees. Our Certified Arborists will recommend the most practical service options to meet your objectives.

What to do if  you have an ash tree?

If you have any ash trees on your property they will have to be addressed.  Currently, the options are:

  • TreeAzin treatment
  • Remove the tree
Our representatives are trained to identify the presence of EAB and the trees condition.  We can advise you of the best proactive option if treatment is an option or if it makes better sense to remove the tree.

Tree Service Canada Article on Emerald Ash Borer Treatment



See EAB tool list grows: Options emerging to control emerald ash borer an article by Tree Service Canada regarding Emerald Ash Borer prevention and treatment alternatives.

Signs and symptoms

  • Tree canopy begins to die back in the upper third portion of the canopy
  • Die back progresses until the tree is bare
  • Epicormic shoots (sprouts growing from roots and trunk)
  • Bark splitting (vertical cracks and galleries exposed under the bark)
  • D-shaped exit holes formed by adults
  • Increased woodpecker activity creating large holes


  • Is a systemic insecticide injected into the base of ash trees
  • Treatments occur mid May through August
  • Adult beetles feeding on treated trees produce mostly sterile eggs
  • Approximately 95% of EAB larvae are killed in the treatment year
  • Research indicates injections every second year should keep trees alive through an outbreak
  • Preventing emerald ash borer attack is less costly(lower dose) and increases the likelihood of trees surviving an outbreak
  • Treatments should be considered every second year unless the tree is already under attack, stressed, or high beetle populations are expected

TreeAzin is not harmful to the environment.  To learn more about TreeAzin please visitwww.bioforest.ca