The most commonly planted hedges in the Ottawa region are cedar.  Cedars are a desirable plant because they provide privacy and maintain colour all year round.  Cedar hedges are often used to define property lines and used instead of fencing.  However cedars and other hedges do require annual maintenance.  If cedar hedges are not pruned on a regular schedule there are a number of problems which can and will occur:

  • Will become unruly and eventually overtake living space in your yard. (space you will not recapture without damaging the hedge).
  • Grow wider and taller in a way that makes future maintenance difficult and costly.
  • Eventually thin out which takes away from privacy.
  • More susceptible to damage from the weight of ice and snow.
We know when, how and why to prune.

Other hedges

There are a variety of other hedges that do well in our region as well. Some homeowners prefer a deciduous hedge and there are many varieties in our region, Privet, Caragana, and Arctic Willow to name a few.  Each of the varieties out there has their own desirable qualities.  Some are planted for their foliar colour.  Some may be planted for their flower or there fruit.  These deciduous hedges are all different but what they do share in common is they require maintenance.

 Hedge Pruning

Hedge pruning is one of the services that we can provide for you. We have the proper tools and equipment and knowledge required to perform this task.  Many of the hedges we will prune this season are hedges we have maintained since the company began in 1990.  On some properties the homeowners have changed and the new owners have hired Trillium Tree Experts to continue maintaining their property.

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If you have hedges and shrubs that require pruning we can provide that service.